Extreme Gulden Land "Snap"

Redtricolor, uros
Syntymäaika: 04.10.2013
Isä: Astra Fox
Emä: Special Nell
Korkeus: 53 cm
Paino: 18 kg
Purenta: normaali
Lonkat: A/A Kyynäreet: 0/0
Olat: OK
Silmät: Ok
Gonioskopiatulos: Terve
CEA, TNS, IGS: Vapaa

Agility: 3-luokka, osallistunut Saksan Maajoukkuekarsintoihin 2016-2017.
Paimennus: 3-luokka
Näyttelyt: EH

Omistaja: Sarah Suer, Lippstadt, Saksa
Kasvattaja: Ivan Linhart, Sekerkovy Loucky, Tsekki


Lisää Snapistä

He's trialing in herding and have been trialing in agility but at the moment his main focus is among herding. He's also working at home with sheep. In agility he's very talented to use his body. He's a good jumper at straight jumps and flexible at collection. He has will to please and he's not too soft or strong. His temperament is balanced, confident and social for all people and dogs. While working he's high driven and intensive without beeing overheated. 

At home he's calm and relaxed. He does not have any fears or any other kind of troubled behaviour. Snap has got 6 litters with 32 pups. His puppies have inherited his nice temperament and good working abilities. One of his puppies has OCD operated from shoulder, otherwise they have been healthy and some of the puppies are still too young for examination.

He is a sweatheart. Loves everyone and everybody, has no problems with other males and is nice to have around. He is really cool in every situation, is easy to handle in stressful and pressure situations. Calm at home, powerful in every dogsport.

- Sarah